Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Early Birds

January 24th
Well, here's the answer. The mother (or father)  and baby that have been hanging around for some time have found a feast in the wet mulch. They toss it around and every now and then come up with a tasty morsel. I hope too many of them aren't worms. The baby seems to have finally learnt how to fend for itself instead of squawking for a feed.  It still looks around nervously if the parent leaves.

So at the end of the projectI I ask myself if doing it has made me more mindful of my surroundings and I think the answer is 'No'. It made me take photos of the things I noticed but I don't think I noticed more or questioned more.  Occasionally I looked up something so I could report it properly, but not nearly often enough. It has made me realise that I can be quite sloppy and not worry about it unduly.
I'm actually quite relieved that it's over.  I don't like to give up so I doggedly plodded through, but it has been quite time consuming.  I could have spent some of the time more usefully actually in the garden.
I may from time to time add something really interesting (to me). But apart from that, that's it.

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